How to build a recirculating shower for Van Conversion

Showers are one of the biggest wastes of water when it comes to environmental impact. It’s a terrible waste to spill hot and nearly drinkable water down the drain.

The solution is a recirculating shower that will collect, clean, and reuses the water in real-time. A recirculating shower can reduce water usage by as high as 90 percent! This means that we’ll be able to shower for as long as we want without harming the environment and wasting resources.


The below six-step process will result in water that is clean, sterile, and bacteria-free that is ready to be pumped back into the showerhead or be used for something else like laundry or flushing the toilet.

1. Screen filter or Gravity filter

The first step is the screen filter so that large items and hair don't get into the system similar to a sink filter. This is of course the first and best line of defense. It’s also a good idea to have a second stage with a KIT that will contain a filter that can be replaced.

2. Geotextile / micro-fiber

The next step is to keep in materials of the filtrate

3. Sediment Filter (Sand)

Sediment filter removes sediment and other particles like dirt, silt, and rust. This also protects the Carbon Filter.

4. Carbon Filter with Activated Carbon

Activated carbon serves to remove color, smell, and any remaining chemicals (incl. chlorine and/or chloramines). Nilsilän Quartz Sand can be used for this.

5. Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light is great at sterilizing the water of potentially harmful bacteria. It can also be dangerous due to how powerful it is.

The entire setup will look something like the following.

For more inspiration, check out Sprinter Tech and Shower Loop.



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